Tell the US Citizenship & Immigration Services to waive the $575 visa application fee for Afghan refugees!

Afghans who helped the US military or worked for human rights & their family members are being targeted by the Taliban.
The visa fee is preventing thousands of Afghans from getting to the US for safety.
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Afghans who helped the United States during the war or worked to advance human rights & democracy are now facing threats from the Taliban

There are approximately 18,000 Afghan translators, drivers and others who assisted the US during the war along with 53,000 of their family members. There are also tens of thousands of Afghan activists who worked to advance democracy & human rights, often in collaboration with US nonprofits.

Because they helped the US and supported human rights, these Afghans and their family members are in danger in their home country. Many have reported having colleagues and family members killed by the Taliban, and others say they are constantly on the run.

Thousands of Afghan allies have been brought to the US for safety under Special Immigrant Visas, but many of their family members are still stuck in Afghanistan

The Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) are only available to people who helped the US military and their direct family members (spouse & minor children). Adult children, siblings, and countless others are not able to get SIVs, but are still in grave danger in Afghanistan.

The US has stated that Afghans with SIVs in the US who can establish the danger of other relatives stuck in Afghanistan can file applications for humanitarian parole as a stop-gap measure to get them to safety. But the $575 fee for humanitarian parole applications is a major barrier for many Afghans.  

We need to remove unnecessary barriers for Afghans seeking refuge in the US

Afghans who came to the US with SIVs are starting over and settling in. They do not have the means to quickly gather thousands of dollars (for multiple family members), and their family members face potential death each day that they stay in Afghanistan.

This is not the time to maintain barriers in the form of fees. We are demanding that the US Citizenship & Immigration Services immediately waive the fee for all Afghans applying for humanitarian parole to escape threats from the Taliban.

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