Tweet at Amazon to stop recommending books that spread lies about COVID!

Lies about COVID are causing avoidable deaths.
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COVID-19 is expected to kill 1.2 million more people worldwide from July through September 2021

COVID-19 has already killed an estimated 8.4 million people worldwide (though 3.9 millions deaths were officially reported), and deaths are expected to continue.

Many of these deaths could have been avoided with truthful and scientific information about the origins of COVID and how to prevent its spread
We need to stop disinformation in order to save lives.

Amazon has shown that they prioritize making money above saving lives

Amazon is making money off the sales of these conspiracy theory books, so it continues to push them - with them appearing in the first page of results for searches like "COVID book" and as suggestions when looking at other products related to COVID.

To make Amazon take action, we need to show them that their customers are not okay with them pushing these books and sacrificing lives for profits.

Amazon lags far behind other tech companies in regulating disinformation

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have put links to authoritative information about COVID on posts related to COVID and have worked to stop pushing COVID disinformation posts in their recommendation algorithms.

An Amazon spokesperson said that they include links to CDC and World Health Organization resources at the top of COVID-related pages, but our Tandem team did not encounter these links in the Amazon app and thought they were quite subtle when viewing Amazon in web browsers.

We are not necessarily advocating for Amazon to remove these books, but Amazon does need to provide disclaimers & links and stop pushing these books in its recommendation algorithms.

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