Urge your senators to pass the For The People Act!

We need this act to expand & protect voting rights and require ethical conduct in government.
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The For The People Act would create numerous policies to protect and strengthen US democracy

The FTP Act would protect and expand voting rights by requiring all states to allow same-day voter registration, expanding early voting, and more.

At the same time, the FTP Act would also help secure our elections by improving cybersecurity, sharing election security intelligence between federal and state governments, and establishing the commission within the US Congress to protect US democratic processes.

To address corruption in government, the FTP Act will institute additional conflict-of-interest rules for all federal government employees and require independent commissions to do congressional redistricting rather than allowing state legislatures to gerrymander districts.

Protecting and strengthening our democracy is more important than ever

Given the recent attack on our democracy and democratic processes on January 6th, we need clear laws and requirements to ensure people's voices are heard in elections and to make clear to all voters that our elections are safe and fair.

Contacting legislators works

Senators' staff members are required to tally opinions from constituents.

Senators care about their constituents' opinions because their job depends on their constituents reelecting them.

If your senators are already planning to vote the way you want, contacting them provides them with useful data & stories to make their point.

Sources / Learn More: Congress, When We All Vote

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