Urge your governor to veto anti-trans bills!

Anti-trans bills need to be struck down to protect the safety and security of transgender people in the US.
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There have been over 100 anti-transgender bills introducing throughout the States in 2021

State legislatures across the country have been introducing multiple bills against transgender people this year alone from refusing transgender students from participating in sports teams to banning medical care for transgender youth.

These bills are not only discriminatory on a base level, but also pose a threat to many lives.

These bills would stop transgender individuals from receiving the medical care they need to affirm their identities such as hormone replacement therapy, puberty blockers and eventually surgery if wanted.

Anti-trans legislation does nothing to address an issue, but only aims to further alienate transgender people

According to the Human Rights Campaign, these bills do not do anything to solve a real issue.

"This is not about protecting children," Logan Crews, 20, from St. Louis, said. "They claim they are protecting children from possible harm in the future if they make decision that they are going to regret when the reality is all of those claims operate under the assumption that trans kids don’t know who they are, that they don’t have adequate counseling, that doctors are handing out hormones and surgeries however they please and that is just not the case."

These bills are not yet signed, therefore they can be struck down

There is still time to stop the bills out that have not been signed.

We recently saw Governor Hutchinson veto an anti-trans bill in Arkansas that would have banned transgender youth from receiving affirming medical care.

We must act now to urge our governors against signing these bills. Time is running out for many transgender people where these bills have been introduced.

By Bridget Killian

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